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SMS For New Year


With all the Rose’s Perfume and with all the lights in the world and with all the children’s Smiles… I wish that your all dreams come true. Happy New Year!    


This is begining of a new year


Receive my simple gift of LOVE
Wrapped with SINCERITY
Tied with CARE &
Sealed with BLESSINGS
2 Keep u HAPPY & SAFE all the life long.


 Keep the smile, leave the tear, Think of joy, forget the fear... Hold the laugh, leave the pain, Be joyous, Coz its new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR


New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness, and abundance of new friends, God bless you through out the new Year. 

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.Happy New Year.

Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Aishwarya Rai
Jennifer Lopez
Amitabh Bachhan
& me..
All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year.

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اس ام اس قشنگ

English SMS


There are so many options for suicide:


Sleeping Pills


Jumping from a building

Lying on a rail road !

But we all choose marriage;

Slow and Sure!!!


R for red… Red for blood… Blood for heart… Heart for Love… Love for you…You for me… I for you… I Love You


One, two I love you.

Three, four Love me more.

Five, six give me kiss.

Seven, eight don’t be late.

Nine, ten hug me then.


All of people say sky is blue but I say sky is brown because my sky is your eyes.


I pray to God “I want you” when God gave you to me, he planted the image of You deep in my heart.


Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, talk less, good for U… Love more & all good things will be yours.


When I look at you, I can’t deny there is a God, because only God could have created someone as wonderful and beautiful as you !



When one door happiness closes another opens ; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us…(Helen Keler)



The flower is beautiful for a day, but you are a beautiful flower for ever…

If I had a wish, I would be your tears, to be born in your eyes and die on your lips. But if U were my tears, I would never cry, IN FEAR OF LOSING YOU...


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Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë was born in 1816, the third daughter of the Rev. Patrick Brontë and his wife Maria. Her brother Patrick Branwell was born in 1817, and her sisters Emily and Anne in 1818 and 1820. In 1820, too, the Brontë family moved to Haworth, Mrs. Brontë dying the following year.

In 1824 the four eldest Brontë daughters were enrolled as pupils at the Clergy Daughter's School at Cowan Bridge. The following year Maria and Elizabeth, the two eldest daughters, became ill, left the school and died: Charlotte and Emily, understandably, were brought home.

In 1826 Mr. Brontë brought home a box of wooden soldiers for Branwell to play with. Charlotte, Emily, Branwell, and Ann, playing with the soldiers, conceived of and began to write in great detail about an imaginary world which they called Angria.

In 1831 Charlotte became a pupil at the school at Roe Head, but she left school the following year to teach her sisters at home. She returned returns to Roe Head School in 1835 as a governess: for a time her sister Emily attended the same school as a pupil, but became homesick and returned to Haworth. Ann took her place from 1836 to 1837.

In 1838, Charlotte left Roe Head School. In 1839 she accepted a position as governess in the Sidgewick family, but left after three months and returned to Haworth. In 1841 she became governess in the White family, but left, once again, after nine months.

Upon her return to Haworth the three sisters, led by Charlotte, decided to open their own school after the necessary preparations had been completed. In 1842 Charlotte and Emily went to Brussels to complete their studies. After a trip home to Haworth, Charlotte returned alone to Brussels, where she remained until 1844.

Upon her return home the sisters embarked upon their project for founding a school, which proved to be an abject failure: their advertisements did not elicit a single response from the public. The following year Charlotte discovered Emily's poems, and decided to publish a selection of the poems of all three sisters: 1846 brought the publication of their Poems, written under the pseudonyms of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Charlotte also completed The Professor, which was rejected for publication. The following year, however, Charlotte's Jane Eyre, Emily's Wuthering Heights, and Ann's Agnes Grey were all published, still under the Bell pseudonyms.

In 1848 Charlotte and Ann visited their publishers in London, and revealed the true identities of the "Bells." In the same year Branwell Brontë, by now an alcoholic and a drug addict, died, and Emily died shortly thereafter. Ann died the following year.

In 1849 Charlotte, visiting London, began to move in literary circles, making the acquaintance, for example, of Thackeray. In 1850 Charlotte edited her sister's various works, and met Mrs. Gaskell. In 1851she visited the Great Exhibition in London, and attended a series of lectures given by Thackeray.

The Rev. A. B. Nicholls, curate of Haworth since 1845, proposed marriage to Charlotte in 1852. The Rev. Mr. Brontë objected violently, and Charlotte, who, though she may have pitied him, was in any case not in love with him, refused him. Nicholls left Haworth in the following year, the same in which Charlotte's Villette was published. By 1854, however, Mr. Brontë's opposition to the proposed marriage had weakened, and Charlotte and Nicholls became engaged. Nicholls returned as curate at Haworth, and they were married, though it seems clear that Charlotte, though she admired him, still did not love him.

In 1854 Charlotte, expecting a child, caught pneumonia. It was an illness which could have been cured, but she seems to have seized upon it (consciously or unconsciously) as an opportunity of ending her life, and after a lengthy and painful illness, she died, probably of dehydration.

1857 saw the postumous publication of The Professor, which had been written in 1845-46, and in that same year Mrs. Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Brontë was published.

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The Secret Of Life

سلام دوستان ، این بار اول که به دست به قلم می برم و ترجمه می کنم ، می دونم اشکال داره پس پیشاپیش عذر می خوام ، لطفا نظرها و انتقادات خود را اعلام کنید تا بتونم از این پس بهتر ترجمه کنم.

The Secret Of Life


As the Lord was creating the world, He called his angels. The Lord asked his angels to help him decide where to put the secret of life.


وقتی خدا می خواست دنیا را بوجود بیاورد ، فرشته هایش را فرا خواند . خدا از فرشته هایش خواست برای تصمیم گیری به او کمک کنند  که راز زندگی را کجا قرار دهد .


 “Bury it in the ground”, one angel replied.


یک فرشته پاسخ داد : " آن را داخل زمین دفن کن" .


“Put it on the button of the sea” said another.


دیگری گفت : "آن را در کف دریا قرار بده" .


Hide it in the mountains” another suggested.


یکی دیگر پیشنهاد داد: " آن را در کوه ها مخفی کن" .


The Lord replied ,” If  I see to do any of those , only a few will find the secret of life, the secret of life must be accessible to every one”.


خدا گفت: " اگر من هر کدام از اینها را انجام دهم ، فقط تعداد کمی راز زندگی را پیدا خواهند کرد ، راز زندگی باید برای همه قابل دسترس باشد".


One angel replied, “I know: put it in each man’s heart”.


یک فرشته پاسخ داد : "من می دانم ، آن را داخل قلب هر انسانی قرار دهید".


Nobody will think to look there.


هیچکس فکر نخواهد کرد آنجا را نگاه کند .


“Yes !” said  the Lord. “within each mans heart”.


خدا کفت بله ، داخل قلب هر انسانی "


And so it was the secret of life lies within all of us.


و اینگونه بود که ، راز زندگی در وجود همه ی ما گذاشته شد.




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The man who loves himself enjoys the love so much,

Becomes so blissful, that the love starts overflowing, it starts reaching others.

It has to reach! If you live love, you have to share it.

کسی که به خودش عشق می ورزد چنان از عشق لذت می برد ،

چنان شاکر می شود که عشق سر ریز می گردد ،

و به دیگران می رسد ، عشق ناگریز سوی دیگران راه می یابد.

اگر می خواهی با غشق زندگی کنی ، بایستی آن را با دیگران تقسیم کنی .

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قسمتی از شعر بلند صدای پای آب ، اثرسهراب سپهری :

It is not our business to fathom the mystery of rose,

کار ما نیست شناسایی راز گل سرخ ،

Perhaps our business is

کار ما شاید این است

To float within the magic of rose.

که در افسون گل سرخ شناور باشیم .

Camp behind wisdom.

پشت دانایی اردو بزنیم .

Wash our hands in the ecstasy of leaf and waling to the table.

دست در جذبه یک برگ بشوییم و سر خوان برویم .

And be born again when the sun rises in the mornings.

صبح ها وقتی خورشید ، در می آید متولد بشویم .

Let’s allow out excitement to fly.

هیجان ها را پرواز دهیم .

Let’s pour water upon the perception of space, color’s, sound and the window of flowers.

روی ادراک فضا ، رنگ ، صدا ، پنجره گل نم بزنیم .

Let’s set heaven between 2 syllables of existence.

آسمان را بنشانیم میان دو هجای هستی .

Let’s is fill and empty our lungs with eternity.

ریه را از ابدیت پر و خالی بکنیم .

Let’s lift down the burden of knowledge from the shoulders of the swallow.

بار دانش را از دوش پرستو به زمین بگذاریم .

Let’s take back our name from the cloud, from the plane, tree, mosquito, summer.

نام را باز ستانیم از ابر ، از چنار ، از پشه ، از تابستان .

Let’s mount to the high of kindness of the wet feet of the rain.

روی پای تر باران به بلندی محبت برویم .

Let’s open the door to mankind, light, plants and insects.

در به روی بشر و نور و گیاه و حشره باز کنیم .

Our business is perhaps

کار ما شاید این است

To run between the lotus flower and century

که میان گل نیلوفر قرن

After the sounds of truth.

پی آواز حقیقت بدویم .

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امیلیانو زاپاتا که بود ؟

از رهبران برجسته قيام بزرگ مردم مكزيك عليه رژيم ديكتاتورى پورفيريو داياز به شمار مى آيد كه در سال ۱۹۱۰ آغاز شد و به واسطه نقش موثرى در جريان انقلاب به يكى از قهرمانان ملى مكزيك بدل شد و به همين دليل جنبش انقلابى كه از ايالت چياپاس مكزيك آغاز شد را به احترام او زاپاتيستا يا زاپاتيستاس مى خوانند.

اميليانو زاپاتا سالازار در هشتم اوت ۱۸۷۹ در ايالت مركزى موره لوس در روستايى به نام آنه نه چوئيلكو (كه امروزه آيالا نام دارد) از گابريل زاپاتا و كلئوفاس سالازار متولد شد. در آن زمان رژيم ديكتاتورى داياز بر مكزيك حكومت مى كرد كه در سال ۱۸۷۶ به قدرت رسيده بود. خانواده زاپاتا از اوضاع مالى متوسطى برخوردار بود اما در اين بين توانسته بود با مقاومت در برابر شرايط سخت اجتماعى، استقلال خود را حفظ نماید.

در سن ۳۰ سالگى به فرماندهى نيروهاى دفاعى روستا منصوب شد و او را به سخنگو و نماينده هم ولايتى هايش بدل كرد. او اصالتاً از دو نژاد اسپانيايى و آمريكاى لاتين بود و مكزيكى خالص به حساب نمى آمد خيلى زود براى احقاق حقوق مهاجران هندى وارد بحث و جدل و در نهايت درگيرى شد.

در ۹ آوريل ۱۹۱۹ گوجاردو به نمايندگى از دولت زاپاتا را براى ديدارى دوستانه دعوت كرد و زاپاتا با شنيدن پيغام به راه افتاد و پس از طى يك روز به مكان ملاقات رسيد و در بدو ورود هدف گلوله هاى نظاميان در كمين قرار گرفت.

فیلمی نیز بر اساس سرگذشت وی با نام زنده باد زاپاتا Viva Zapata)) تهیه شده است ، که در آن مارلون براندو نقش آفرینی کرده است .

.برای اطلاعات بیشتر درباره ی فیلم به آدرس زیر مراجعه کنید:


این جمله ی زیبا از زاپاتا است :

روی پاها مردن بهتر از روی زانو زندگی کردن است .

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The Introduction of Zero

During the years 800 -1200 A.D, Iranian mathematicians and scholars made many important contribution to mathematics and to know ledge in general. We know they were occupied with making calenders and improving astronomical tables. One of the most important contribution made, however was the introduction of Hindu numerals. The system of numeral used before were Roman numerals, I, II, III, etc.

The main problem with Roman numeral was that they had no symbol for Zero. This meant that as the numbers grew larger, they had to add more symbol. For example 32 could not be as III II because you had no way of knowing whether III II was 32, 320, 3020, 3200, etc. without a zero, 32 had to be written as XXX II, 320 as CCC XX, etc.

When Khwarizmi introduced the Hindu system of numbers he also introduced a separate, distinct symbol for zero. The Hindu word for zero is , which means empty. It was used to represent the empty column on an abacus.

The symbol for zero was first a dot (.) and later a circle (0). The meaning of For zero was apparently added later on

The introduction of the symbol zero meant that mathematicians were free to use numbers in new ways. It was the introduction of zero that made possible to formulate the part of mathematics that we know as arithmetic. From this point it was possible to formulate the method of writing and solving equation that we know as algebra

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